About Us

    Viet Nam is a tropical country which is suitable for developing farming products. That is also a reason Vietnamese economy is major based on agricultural business during the integration to global.

   Variety of Viet Nam products such as pepper, cashew, rice, ginger, sweet potatoes, bananas…are exporting to many countries in the world. In 2015, Viet Nam export turnover reached 31 billion USD in which cashew nuts achieved over 3 billion USD.

     During the 30 years of establishment and development, based on the available advantages, Vietnam has become one of the leading of kernel cashew nut exporters in the world. Salafarm is established base on the full foundation and the advantages of Vietnam’s cashew industry. We invest in research to create the best quality products to supply to the market with different tastes and packaging suitable for international market.  

      At the same time, Salafarm has built sustainable linkages in all stages: Raw materials (Binh Phuoc, Cambodia, Tanzania, Senegal …), processing plant, packaging, exporting ..

7 Flavours:

  1. Salted cashew nut
  2. Black pepper cashew nut
  3. Roasted cashew nut with skin
  4. Cheese cashew nut
  5. Sweet cashew nut
  6. Wasabi cashew nut
  7. Spicy cashew nut


Core Elements:

1. Factory Direct Price

2. Directly involved in manufacturing to offer the lowest possible price

3. Investing in research and development to create the new product range in response to the different markets in the world.

Mission: Because of the sustainable growth for a better Viet Nam, Salafarm in cooperation with the honest farmers promote processed cashew nuts in worldwide.


  • Be a leading cashew exporter in Viet Nam and rising to become one of the leading enterprises in the region.
  • Building a global brand of cashew nut and taking the lead in deep-processing industry.