About Us

Viet Nam is a tropical country which is suitable for developing farming products. That is also a reason Vietnamese economy is major based on agricultural business during the intergration to global.

Variety of Viet Nam products such as pepers, cashewes, rices, gingers, sweet potatoes, bananas…are exporting to many countries in the world. In 2015, Viet Nam export turnover reached 31 billion USD.


Sala has been established based on the fundamentals and advantages of Vietnam agriculture. With above 1000 hecta plantations to develop farming products for export, Sala confidently believes that the farming products meet your requirements (VIETGAP, GLOBALGAP)


Core factors about material sources:

  1. Stable and High quality
  2. Stable price
  3. Large quantity & supplying continuosly

Our mission: For our Viet Nam country devepment, for our genuine farmers, Salafarm would like introduce our agricultural products to the world.

Our Goal: To be a leading company developing material sources and export agricultural business in Viet Nam. We would like to become one of the leading entrepreneurs in South East Asia.